Woburn Golf Club

Woburn Golf Club, situated just a short drive from the peaceful ambience of Moore Place Hotel Milton Keynes, is a golfer's sanctuary nestled within the verdant embrace of Bedfordshire’s countryside. Celebrated as one of the UK's premier golfing destinations, Woburn is frequently the host of professional tournaments, including the British Masters, and is revered by golf enthusiasts worldwide.

The club boasts three championship courses — the Duke's, the Duchess', and the Marquess — each offering a distinct challenge amidst the stunning backdrop of ancient woodlands. The Duke's course, the first to be established, cleverly utilizes natural features, such as silver birch and pine trees, to create a classic parkland layout that has been challenging golfers since 1976. The Duchess' course remains one of the most picturesque, demanding accuracy and strategic play. The Marquess course, youngest of the three, has already earned accolades and gives an inland links feel with undulating fairways.

Complementing the immaculate fairways and greens, Woburn Golf Club's facilities include a well-appointed clubhouse where members and guests can relax and refuel after a round. The club also offers expert coaching, a pro shop filled with the latest gear, and practice areas to sharpen your skills.

Whether you're a seasoned golfer or an enthusiast, Woburn Golf Club delivers an exceptional golfing experience, with each round presenting new challenges and the beauty of the game in full display amidst historical landscapes.

Explore Woburn Golf Club's offerings or plan your visit as part of your stay at Moore Place Hotel.

FAQs about Woburn Golf Club

1. How many golf courses are at Woburn Golf Club?

Woburn Golf Club features three championship courses: the Duke's, the Duchess', and the Marquess, each offering a unique golfing challenge.

2. Is Woburn Golf Club open to the public?

Yes, Woburn Golf Club welcomes visitors to play on their courses. However, booking in advance is highly recommended, especially for the championship courses.

3. Has Woburn Golf Club hosted any professional tournaments?

Woburn Golf Club has hosted several professional tournaments, including the British Masters, attracting top golfers from around the world.

4. What facilities are available at Woburn Golf Club?

The club offers a full range of facilities, including a clubhouse, dining services, a pro shop, coaching, and practice areas. For more information, visit Woburn Golf Club.